Seal em

To seal or not to seal.... Moms and dads have enough to worry about with school back in session, extra-curricular activities underway, everything else on the hourly to-do list. Filling cavities are the last thing you need to add to that list. We have the preventative solution [...]

Summer of Smiles at Welch Dental Group

The Summer of Smiles As you can see from our Facebook and Instagram posts- we like to laugh and smile a lot here at Welch Dental Group.  Each interaction with one another and with our beloved patients involves some form of laughter and happiness. Getting a smile [...]

Caring for Your Implants and/or Teeth

Caring for Your Implants and/or Teeth Whether in Katy, Texas or Sydney, Australia – a complete set of teeth is often a common desire. Patients who have missing teeth and wanting to get their dazzling smile back, can choose from many different restorative options. Here at Welch [...]

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