3 Things To Avoid Until You Get That Cavity Filled

When it comes to pain, nothing can be quite as difficult to endure as dental pain. Dental pain causes simple things like sleeping and eating your favorite foods, to become uncomfortable. When scheduling your dentist visit at Welch Dental Group right away is difficult, avoid the following three things until you get that cavity filled.

Extreme Hot Or Cold
When you have a cavity, your dental nerve is exposed. This means that if you eat hot meals or if you indulge in that milkshake, you are surely going to suffer. Until you get the opportunity to get into Welch Dental Group to get your cavity filled, abstain from these extreme temperatures. As an easy guideline to follow, simply eat food that is room temperature.

Chewing On That Side
You may notice that the more you chew on the side where the cavity is, the worse it feels. In fact, the pain might even be exacerbated by chewing in that area if the decay has extended to the nerve. Often, the area is broken and food becomes impacted. This pushes upon both the gums and tooth, resulting in inflammation and pain. As a good rule of thumb, try to avoid chewing on that side of your mouth. Keep the area as clean as possible (warm salt water rinses and flossing) until you get into the practice to address your needs.

Avoid Eating Hard-to-Chew Foods
Foods that are either tough to chew in consistency or a little bit stickier, tend to make your cavity feel worse. Although you may enjoy indulging in that steak or that gummy candy, try to abstain from these types of foods until you get your cavity filled. These foods tend to actually cause more damage. They place undue pressure on the ligament / nerve/ gum tissue. Remember, it’s temporary and before you know it, you will be able to enjoy the same foods you did before you started suffering from dental pain.

Suffering from a cavity can be both painful and annoying. Again, remember the best advice is to keep the area as clean as possible. However, by following the above three tips until you are able to get into Welch Dental Group, you can help to stay comfortable. To learn more about dental care or to schedule an appointment, contact Welch Dental Group today!