Herbs for Remedies

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Sometimes we have herbs growing in the back yard and either don’t even know it- or don’t know what to use them for. We saw an article that inspired us to look into some of the herbs we see in Texas gardens and do some more research. Here is what we discovered:


Catnip actually is in the mint family and is known for it’s love by felines. It can help your kitty reduce anxiety and even ease pain in older cats.


These little green things can be added to anything that garlic, onions, shallots, leeks, and scallions can be added to to add that flavor.


These pretty leaves can be added to tacos, tortilla soup, and pretty much anything else in Mexican cooking.


This herb is a light, fresh, earthly flavor often used in dips, spreads, and of course- pickles.


This herb gets sweeter when it is cooked and makes soups and roasts more and more hearty.


This can calm the nervous system, lift moods, and has been known to lower blood pressure. Use this for soothing and relaxation too!


This herb is piny, citrusy herb is related to oregano … and can be used to treat nausea and bloating.

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