Here Comes the Sun

here comes the sun

Spring has sprung across Texas and we all know what comes next. Summer heat is on the horizon and us Texans like to get out in it (or some choose to stay inside of course). As we venture out there in the hill country wilderness we wanted to arm you with a few home remedies for those skin problems that are sure to come from bugs, sun, overheating, and plant un-friendlies.

Sun Repair

Aloe chunk

Aloe vera plants work well inside, growing on a window sill and anytime you spend too much time out there in the sun just cut off a piece and open it up. It will grow back as soon as it is ready to replenish itself.

Chamomile Compress

Calming down inflamed skin is chamomile’s favorite pastime. It works best if you are not allergic to pollen of course, as this is a plant. Brew it like you would tea, let it cool off and then soak it on a cloth. This will soothe your burns and you can apply the bags to your eyelids as well.

Baking Soda

One cup of baking soda and a cup of oats in your bath will do the trick.

Coconut Oil

Since fragrant lotions will sometimes irritate your skin, this natural oil will be best after a cold compress.

Cornstarch Salve

If the burn is really bad, a paste of cornstarch and water will do the trick.

Cucumber Coolers

These little veggie babies will sooth any spot that needs a little more love.

Yogurt Mask

Make it a mask and put that sucker on. You won’t regret it.

Stay tuned for the next lesson in the series of how to help those pesky little things that make us retreat to the first aid kit.

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