Seal em

To seal or not to seal.... Moms and dads have enough to worry about with school back in session, extra-curricular activities underway, everything else on the hourly to-do list. Filling cavities are the last thing you need to add to that list. We have the preventative solution [...]

Why so scared?

Why so scared of dental cleanings? Teeth cleanings are the most common procedure performed here at our Katy preventive dentistry practice. While tooth brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing are effective oral home care routines to keep teeth and mouth healthy, teeth cleanings are equally important as they remove tartar [...]


You need money, but you also need food. 5 money saving recipes.

Recipes that keep your wallet and belly full. This month, we are all about spreading the love. We want to make sure our patients know that they can depend on us for all their dental needs and a few random tips every once in a while too. [...]