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Why so scared?

Why so scared of dental cleanings? Teeth cleanings are the most common procedure performed here at our Katy preventive dentistry practice. While tooth brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing are effective oral home care routines to keep teeth and mouth healthy, teeth cleanings are equally important as they remove tartar [...]


You need money, but you also need food. 5 money saving recipes.

Recipes that keep your wallet and belly full. This month, we are all about spreading the love. We want to make sure our patients know that they can depend on us for all their dental needs and a few random tips every once in a while too. [...]


Twenty-something and strapped for cash… this one is for you.

Money Saving Tips For Your Early Twenties Maintaining a healthy bank account goes hand-in-hand with maintaining a healthy smile, in our opinion. We know that medical expenses (including dental) can be a stressful thing as you move out from under your parent's wings and fly out on [...]



Oh SNAP! Worried about having to undergo all the hassle and bustle of dental procedures with your damaged teeth? Well- worry no more. Our Snap-On-Smile solution is discreet but effective option for our patients in Katy, TX, as it is a great alternative to those seemingly expensive [...]

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History of tooth whitening techniques

Oh how far we have come... Those whitening trays and strips in your bathroom may seem like a recently introduced glam ritual but in reality, the act of teeth-whitening has been around for centuries. With all the modern techniques out there these days, the art of whitening [...]

A Tool To Have In Your Parenting Toolbox

A Smile... The Best Tool To Have During Parenting Every child reads their parents face and uses their facial expressions as a roadmap of how to take on the world. Constant smiling and laughing tells your child that they are in a safe and secure place in [...]

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