A little guide to a year of cleaning your space

We all wonder, either as new homeowners or old ones, what all we are supposed to be cleaning throughout the year. Well, we did a little research and made a helpful guide on what all we should be doing daily, weekly, monthly, and so on… check it out.


  • clean dishes that are in the sink and throw that sponge in the dishwasher every once in a while. Gnats and fruit flies love your unclean dishes
  • wipe down bathroom and kitchen/dining surfaces daily to keep that granite you took 2 months to pick out looking new
  • phone screens, remote controls & car keys ( bet you never cleaned those) should probably get a quick wet wipe or alcohol wipe down every day
  • some people do a load of laundry a day to keep those baskets low- worth a try to see if it works for you


  • dust all exposed surfaces that need it
  • vacuum main area floors and maybe take a mop to it all while you’re at it
  • sheets, pillowcases, duvets, and towels- all in the wash
  • throw away sponges from the week of dishes
  • floss your teeth


  • wipe down baseboards and pantry shelves
  • replace water filters, clean out tea kettle, coffee maker wipe down, microwave wipe out, and run something through that disposal
  • mop or vacuum the rest of the house
  • clean throw blankets and things that get used not as often, but do get used enough to need to clean them


  • clean mattress pads, shower curtains
  • clean out fridge, freezer and oven
  • replace toothbrushes, air filters for HVAC, cosmetic sponges, and loofahs
  • whiten your teeth


  • clean outside and inside of all windows
  • curtains and drapes cleaned to avoid dust accumulation
  • gutters need a blow out
  • replace refrigerator water filters and toilet brushes
  • go see your dentist (had to throw it in there)


  • wipe down walls and doors
  • clean all area rugs
  • clean out garage and shed
  • replace hair brushes (how long have you had that one you just used this morning?)
  • de-clutter and donate things you’re not using or cleaning on this list

We are doing our best to continue to provide useful information to our patients in order to keep you healthy, clean, and happy- if you ever want to see a blog from us, let us know and we will write it.

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