When to Consider a Dental Implant

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If you have experienced a decayed, rotting or missing tooth due to either some sort of dental infection or accident, then one of our dentists at Welch Dental Group may suggest that you get a dental implant. From helping with alignment issues, improving your chewing function or stimulating your jawbone, this article will discuss a few of the reasons when to consider getting a dental implant.


If you have had braces in order to straighten your smile, the last thing you will want to do is mess with the alignment or contour of your smile. However, if you have had a tooth extracted, then your teeth will likely shift if it is not filled or replaced with a new tooth. Options such as implants or bridges help to prevent your teeth from shifting around as well as preserving your perfectly straight smile. Dental implants are the preferred solution as they replace both the tooth missing as well as preserve the shape of both the bone and gum tissue that supports the implant.

Restore Your Appearance

Nothing can ruin your overall appearance quite like a missing tooth. If you have recently had a tooth extracted from your mouth, consider getting a dental implant to help restore that smile. BAs just mentioned, by being permanently implanted into your jawbone, you can rest assured that your appearance will not fail because small details such as the shape of the gum tissue and the contour of bone that supports that tissue remains nearly the same. Whether your tooth was extracted from your front teeth or near the back of your mouth, having a dental implant will help ensure that your good looks don’t go away.

Preserve Stimulation

If you are concerned that a dental implant will just feel like you have something fake sitting in your mouth, you are wrong. Forget about the obvious advantages such as not having to drill on adjacent teeth or being able to floss between the crowns – by having a dental implant placed into your mouth, you can help to restore the stimulating effect of jawbone pressure in your mouth. Meaning that if you bite down on something hard or sharp, you will be able to feel it— something that you want from a dental implant procedure.

As you can see, there are several benefits to getting a dental implant. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of getting dental implants or to schedule an appointment, contact Welch Dental Group.