Let’s talk about sealants again real quick…

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After our last blog, we got a lot of questions that we wanted to answer for everyone. Without further adieu…

Q: Can adults get sealants?

Absolutely! Of course sealing as soon as your permanent teeth come in is always best, but if you have some molars you are thinking need a little hat of protection on them as an adult- let’s slap a sealant on that bad boy!

Q: Does it hurt?

Nope! The dentist simply applied the sealant to your clean and dry molar and dries it with a little blue light. We suppose the blue light could hurt if you looked into it.

Q: Do I need to be put under?

No way! We can do it right after your cleaning, if we have enough time.

Q: Are there any side effects?

None that have ever been known. Perhaps an allergy- but again, nothing we have ever heard of or experienced.

Q: Any BPA?

There is a trace amount, but not enough to cause you or your child babies any hard. You get more exposure by “touching a receipt” according to the American Dental Association.

Q: How long do they last?

As long as you aren’t grinding them off at night– your sealants can last for years. Each year your dentist can check your sealants and reapply them as needed. Keeping them in there is easy with proper maintenance and staying away from sticky foods and candy. Check out this old blog on foods to definitely avoid.

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