Presidential Smiles- Who Did It Best?

presidential smile

During our “Summer of Smiles” here at Welch Dental Group, we want to put political views aside for a second and judge their presidential pearly whites only. Even if it only distracts you for that one second- it is worth it.

Ronald Reagan, who was the 40th U.S. president, was voted as having the best smile by 60 percent of one survey (asking 1,000 people), way ahead of George W. Bush at 16 percent, followed by Gerald Ford at 12 percent. According to the same survey, “nearly half of the participants (45 percent) said that John F. Kennedy was the Democratic president with the best smile. About 24 percent voted for current President Barack Obama and 17 percent for Bill Clinton.” We attached a few links in there for you to go through (instead of your cousin’s, ex-boyfriend’s, new girlfriend’s pics from Cancun) and read up on some of our smiling leaders. Regardless of how you feel about what side of the ballot they are on, I think we can all agree that seeing a United States president smile back at all of us is an inspirational moment. It teaches us that no matter how stressful or busy your day is, you always have time to show a smile.

Here are a few other pics we found of our nation’s leaders smiling throughout history- Let’s make our own survey and see who everyone prefers in the comments below, or find this post on Facebook and comment there. We would love to hear from you!