Mouthwash- worth the 30 seconds?


We all have about a 30 second limit for mouthwash to stay swishing around in there before you spit it out. As soon as it leaves your mouth you almost always have that horrible look on your face and give yourself a few short exhales (similar to after a shot of tequila if we may say)- so it makes you wonder – is it really worth it?

Even though mouthwash is almost always sitting there with it’s squad (toothbrush and floss) on your countertop, many still wonder if it has any benefit at all in the long run….so let’s talk about it.


First of all- which one do you choose?

Just like everything in your grocery cart- check which ingredients are used. Each mouthwash is unique in it’s own way (awwww) but most should include the following:

  • Alcohol: Maybe this is why we think it reminds us of Vodka? It does help kill bacteria and other germs that contribute to tooth decay and bad breath though. (Careful not too much though- it can dry out your mouth)
  • Detergents: No Tidepods! The right ones should help dislodge and remove food debris and loose plaque.
  • Extract of something yummy: Bubblegum… spearmint… peppermint… you choose!
  • Preservatives: The good kind! These help prevent growth of bacteria in the actual mouthwash bottle.
  • Water: To make it liquid of course… and to dissolve the other ingredients.

What if you want to DIY it like everything else since 2010?

  • Simple salt water: Get in the nearest ocean and just open your mouth. Not really…. but if you’re wanting a more natural mouth wash there is nothing harmful about a simple saltwater mouthwash. Saltwater mouthwashes have always been recommended as an excellent short term treatment, especially when you have a little boo-boo in your mouth from dental procedures or biting your cheek – Ouch! Long term use of a saltwater mouth rinse is not recommended as it could lead to tooth erosion by eating away and softening the tooth enamel.

So, back to the issue at hand-does mouthwash work?

The answer is…..Yes! Those dreadful 30-seconds can result in an obvious reduction in plaque and gingivitis buildup.

Other benefits include:

  • Fresher breath: The person smelling it nearest to you can attest to this!
  • Possible additional protection against cavities and gum disease: You can always opt for one with fluoride

Of course we have to remind you to continue your brushing, flossing, and Welch Dental check ups as part of your hygiene routine as planned.

Visit Welch Dental Group today – where we will only make you swish for 29 seconds!