3 Afraid of Laughing Gas? 2 Reasons Not to Be!

When it comes to adding anything to your body, you may be a skeptic— and rightly so. With so many toxins and additives out there that can be harmful, it’s good to be conscious of what you put in and on your body in order to protect it from anything that may cause damage. And the same truths apply in the treatment of dental anxiety. If you are suffering from a cavity or broken tooth and need it filled or repaired, you may be curious about laughing gas. This inhalation sedative, also known as nitrous oxide, is a wonderful option and a very safe and FDA approved sedative. Read on to learn more.

It’s Fast Coming and Going

If you’re like most people, you likely don’t have an entire day to take off of either work or caring for your family in order to spend it at the dentist. Luckily, by using laughing gas as a sedative, you can get in and out of the office before you know it, and without any of the repercussions of other sedative such as not being able to drive. And just as you will be able to quickly go back to your day without feeling any of the effects of laughing gas, it quickly kicks in as well, which means that the nervousness and worries of the appointment are alleviated before any treatment is even performed.

Side Effects? What Side Effects?

Going under anesthesia – no matter the type –  can leave you feeling tired, nauseated, and can even leave you with a headache. However, unlike an IV or oral sedative, laughing gas leaves the majority of patients without any major or long lasting side effects. The most common side effect is nausea but if you start to feel nauseous during the dental procedure, make sure to tell one of the dentists at Welch Dental Group and they will gladly turn down the laughing gas (increasing the oxygen intake); thereby quickly alleviating your “sick” feeling and making sure that you are feeling as comfortable as possible.

Laughing gas provides patients with a safe and easy way to undergo a dental procedure without feeling any pain. With little to no side-effects and with the ability to go back to your daily activities without feeling loopy, laughing gas is nothing to worry about. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Welch Dental Group today!