Tooth Extraction

tooth extractions in Cypress Texas, Katy Texas

Tooth extractions are, perhaps, one of the most common and widely known dental processes. Simply put, a tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the patient’s mouth. In Katy, TX and in Cypress TX patients trust Welch Dental Group with their tooth extractions. Experiencing persistent toothaches and tooth decay that has made the tooth impossible to restore. If you have to get this done this summer,  we want to offer you our sincerest care and make sure you feel safe and comfortable.

What are the reasons for getting tooth extraction?

The primary reason for removing a tooth, is damage brought about by decay. However, there are a number of other reasons that a patient would choose to undergo tooth extraction, such as:

  • excess tooth growth
  • gum disease that affects the oral bone structure and gum tissues, requiring teeth to be extracted as part of the treatment
  • preparation for the installation of braces
  • fractured teeth or teeth that are found on the fracture line of the underlying bone
  • deformed teeth that cannot be restored by using conventional restoration methods
  • impacted molars
  • radiation therapy and need the teeth that are in the radiation field removed.

What are the types of extractions?

Simple tooth extractions are typically done on teeth that are plainly visible inside the patient’s mouth, under the influence of a local anesthetic. This requires only the use of a dental elevating instrument and dental forceps. The elevator instrument will lift the tooth and the dental forceps are used to rock it back-and-forth to break the periodontal ligament. This will loosen the tooth enough to remove it with steady pressure and control force.

Surgical tooth extraction, is the removal of teeth that are not easily accessible because they have not fully erupted, or have broken underneath the gum line. Under the influence of a general anesthetic, an incision will be made on the gum tissue to gain access to the tooth and underlying bone. In many cases, a tooth indicated for surgical extraction has to be fragmented into multiple pieces prior to its removal.