3 ways to brave your dental cleanings like a superhero

We all have anxiety about something- even superheros have a weakness. For some people, it is spiders or snakes. For others it is dental work! It is a good thing that we do this every day and have come up with a few ways to relieve your dental anxiety before a visit.

Take a friend with you!

It may seem silly to you, but we have patients come in all the time with a friend or family member to help them with their dental anxiety. A friend can make jokes, hold your hand, or just be there in the waiting room for when you come back out.

Just keep breathing and breathing and breathing….

Music, meditation, yoga before… you choose which method helps you to remember to just breathe. The exhales you have will be much fresher after your visit, so just breathe and try to think of the end result!

Exercise it out!

Nothing beats a good workout to get some of those endorphins going before your visit. You think all of those superheros get those muscles by sitting at home being scared before they fight crime?

We are sure you can brainstorm a few more that would work for you. Are you an artist? Paint a picture before you come in for your dental appointment. Do you dance? Dance it out on the drive there! Wear a cape to your visit- we won’t judge you! Dental work is not as bad as it is in your mind, and we also have plenty of ways to make your visit more comfortable. All you have to do is talk to us!