Preventive dentistry is a field of specialization in dentistry that includes life practices and dental procedures, which are designed to prevent the onset as well as the progression of oral disorders.

Karie Huber and her Furbabies

Getting to Know Karie Huber, RDA Karie- without saying "dental assistant" describe what you do at Welch Dental Group... I help people regain their confidence through their smiles every day. Great answer! What is the coolest part of your job? I would have to say interacting with my patients. We honestly [...]

Silver vs Tooth Colored Fillings

Silver vs Tooth Colored Fillings Although prevention is always key, some patients may develop a cavity at one point in their lives, and a likely solution would be to resort to dental fillings. But when planning to undergo this treatment, most patients reach a common question: what [...]

Electric vs. Manual Toothbrush

Electric vs. Manual Toothbrushes Ever wonder if owning an electric toothbrush is crucial to your dental health?  It will certainly clean your teeth more effectively than a good ole’ fashioned manual toothbrush. At Welch Dental Group, we always highly recommend brushing your teeth twice daily with an [...]

Caring for Your Implants and/or Teeth

Caring for Your Implants and/or Teeth Whether in Katy, Texas or Sydney, Australia – a complete set of teeth is often a common desire. Patients who have missing teeth and wanting to get their dazzling smile back, can choose from many different restorative options. Here at Welch [...]

Acid Erosion vs. Tooth Decay: The Perils of Orthodontics

Acid Erosion vs. Tooth Decay: The Perils of Orthodontics One of the most common questions we get from patients (both children and adults) while in braces is how to prevent tooth decay. During consultations, acid erosion is often also discussed. Our dental team has noticed that people [...]