Silver vs Tooth Colored Fillings


Although prevention is always key, some patients may develop a cavity at one point in their lives, and a likely solution would be to resort to dental fillings. But when planning to undergo this treatment, most patients reach a common question: what type of dental fillings to use?

Several years back, silver fillings were very popular and preferred by a lot of patients due to their strength and longevity; nowadays, you will see an equal number of both types. Here at Welch Dental Group, we regularly get patients from all over Katy, Texas who want to restore their teeth and smile through tooth colored fillings. Although every case varies based upon a patient’s needs or wants, we make use of both silver and tooth colored fillings for several reasons.

Silver or amalgam fillings

Dentists still offer silver fillings since some patients still prefer them. Here are some reasons why:

The treatment takes less time to complete.
They do not require the additional use of technique sensitive materials and technology, thus lowering the overall cost of the treatment.
It has long been used and is proven effective and safe for most patients.

However, there are certain drawbacks on amalgam fillings:

Silver fillings tend to contract and expand around the tooth under temperature changes.
To prepare for the application of the filling, a larger amount of tooth may be removed.
Silver fillings are more noticeable because of its unique color

Tooth colored fillings

Tooth colored fillings are the choice of most patients who wish to get dental fillings because of the following:

Most patients report less discomfort and sensitivity after treatment compared to silver fillings.
The filling matches with the natural color of the surrounding teeth.
They create stronger bonds, allowing them to provide better protection.
They are more comfortable for patients to use on a long-term basis.

Even so, there are also certain drawbacks on tooth colored fillings as well. They include:

They too tend to contract and expand around the tooth under temperature changes.
They may collect staining and discolor based upon a patient’s oral hygiene or diet
They may chip or break easily at the margin, especially in areas which may be exposed to more biting forces, requiring more frequent repair

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