Do I Really Need to Have the “Dreaded” Root Canal?

“I’d rather run a marathon and endure the pain” or “Are there any other options?” are just two of the common reactions we get from our patients here at our Katy dental practice upon recommendation of a root canal procedure. This should not come as a surprise at all! In fact, preconceived notions of a root canal therapy include excruciating pain and unimaginable discomfort.

So when exactly is a root canal treatment necessary? By and large, a root canal treatment is necessary in the presence of an infected pulp (that soft tissue inside your teeth which contains the blood vessels, connective tissue, and the nerve endings responsible for the sensation of pain). An infected pulp is often caused by the following:

• deep dental cavities
• cracked or broken tooth
• too many dental procedures in a short period of time resulting to repeated exposure to trauma
• injury to the tooth despite the absence of a visible chip or crack

The typical signs and symptoms of an infected root canal can vary but may be one or more of the following:

• Tenderness accompanied by swelling of the surrounding gums.
• Dull pressure and toothache .
• Pain can either be sharp, intense and acute in nature, or in some cases, has a lingering characteristic after consumption of extremely hot or cold foods.

Root Canal Treatment Does Not Cause Pain, It Actually Relieves It!

When performing root canal procedures here at our Katy office, we would like to point out that often the root canal procedure itself doesn’t cause pain, it could actually relieve you from the discomfort brought about by an infected pulp. Existing advancements in dental technology have also made it possible for root canal treatments to be as comfortable as possible.

Comfortable Root Canal Therapies in Katy, Texas

The Welch Dental Group encourages you to talk to our highly experienced dental team to help you alleviate your fears of a root canal procedure. Every so often, all it takes to reduce discomfort and apprehension of a root canal treatment is knowledge of the procedure.

We invite you to get in touch with us for an initial consultation. Call us at 281.395.2112 or fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment. Your smile and comfort is our top priority at the Welch Dental Group!