Night Clenching and Grinding

Night clenching and grinding

There are many people in Katy, TX that exhibit the symptoms of bruxism. This is characterized primarily by the grinding or clenching of the teeth while the patient is sleeping. Welch Dental Group recommends the use of nightguards to relieve the symptoms of bruxism in patients (most common in children but also affecting some adults). A nightguard is a mouthpiece that is similar to those that are used by athletes to protect their teeth against injury during sports. This apparatus is made specifically for a patient to help prevent the teeth from becoming worn down due to the constant grinding and clenching. Each nightguard is custom-made for each patient and is composed of durable thermoplastic materials that are molded to fit the patient’s upper or lower teeth arches perfectly.

What should I consider using nightguards?

Bruxism is one of the most serious and most common sleep disorders that results in prematurely worn down teeth because of the grinding action that happens unconsciously while the patient sleeps. If left untreated, this condition could potentially escalate to a more serious condition that could even lead to jaw damage.

Does the use of nightguards cure bruxism?

No. Night guards are used simply to manage the effects of bruxism. However, it has been one of the most successful methods of getting the condition under control.

What are the benefits of using nightguards?

  • The regular use helps reduce the effects of bruxism on the teeth and other oral structures
  • The level of discomfort that a patient experiences after waking from a night of jaw clenching and teeth grinding will be lessened with the help of nightguards.
  • These devices dramatically lessen the tension and friction between the surfaces of the teeth that move against each other.
  • The enamel is preserved and, consequently, the teeth become significantly less worn down