7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Dental Implants for Your Tooth Replacement Needs

dental implants

Here at our Katy dental practice, many of our first visit patients are not quite sure which tooth replacement option is suitable for them. After a thorough discussion of their options and preferences, most of these patients choose dental implants.


Whether it’s a single tooth or a set of teeth that you want to be replaced, below are reasons why dental implants are the optimal tooth replacement option.

1-Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime, unlike other tooth replacement options such as dentures and bridges. This advantage has to do with the implant’s ability to naturally fuse with your existing jawbone through a process called osseointegration.
2-Dental implants allow for your oral health to be restored as closely as possible to its natural state and function. Nothing looks artificial!
3-The integrity of your facial structures are restored to their normal state with dental implants, resulting to a significant improvement in appearance. It is quite a common occurrence following tooth loss (particularly when all or almost all of the teeth are missing) that the lower one-third of the face shrinks, making one look older than his or her actual age. The appearance of wrinkles around the mouth area caused when there is less than adequate or no prosthetic support is also greatly reduced or eliminated.
4-With traditional tooth replacement options like bridges and partial dentures, the surrounding teeth are often utilized as anchors, resulting to the possibility of the adjacent teeth being compromised. On the other hand, dental implants do not depend on the adjacent natural teeth, thus avoiding the possibility of the surrounding structures being compromised and damaged.
5-Dental implants are easier to care for than other existing tooth replacement options. They can be cleaned like natural teeth and do not require special tools for oral hygiene.
6-Health following dental implants is also significantly improved due to enhanced ability to eat and taste food.
7-Overall quality of life is enhanced resulting from restored self-confidence. This has to do with the improvement in appearance, comfort, and function of one’s teeth following placement of dental implants.

Dental Implant Options in Katy, Texas

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