Dental Bridge

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Patients find it very hard to choose which option is best in replacing missing teeth. One of the most common recommendations that we make at Welch Dental Group is the use of dental bridges for effective tooth replacement. Dental bridges, are fixed dental devices that literally bridge the gap created by missing teeth through the uses of prosthetics, or artificial teeth in between.Two dental crowns will be placed on both sides of the gap, called abutments. False teeth or pontics will then be placed in between, to complete the dental bridge. The abutments will serve as an anchor to hold the dental bridge securely in place. Patients can choose between using porcelain, alloy, gold, or a combination of any of these three.

What benefits can patients get from a dental bridge?

  • It can provide a very natural looking replacement for your missing teeth
  • It can help improve your ability to chew food, as well as your ability to speak properly if your missing teeth affect it.
  • Filling in the gap with a dental bridge can help maintain the shape of the patient’s face, which is commonly affected by missing teeth.

What is a dental bridge procedure like?

First, we will take the dental impression. This will be sent to our dental technician, to be used as a model to fabricate your dental bridge.  Once this is available, you will be called back in for installation.  Your dentist from Welch Dental Group will make sure that a perfect fit is achieved before securing your dental bridge.  Follow-ups may be scheduled to check on the condition of the dental bridge, as well as your bite.