Six Month Smiles

Adult teeth straightening is not as easy and as worry free as it is for children. Adults should take into consideration certain factors like the time it takes to complete the treatment, the extent of invasiveness to get the job done, and even how it fits into their budget. For all of these concerns, the Welch Dental Group has the Six-Month Smile answer. Six-Month Smiles are the easy, fast, and cost effective way of straightening adult teeth and getting their smile back into shape in an unbelievably short six months. Six-Month Smiles make use of clear braces that are appreciably inconspicuous when used so that onlookers do not easily notice them.

What are the advantages of using Six-Month Smiles?

  • Six-Month Smiles are very comfortable as they move the teeth gently using low forces over the course of the treatment.
  • They are safe and do not pose any significant risk to the patient’s teeth and gum tissues, and have even been proven to reduce the need for teeth to be extracted prior to the treatment
  • This system makes use of clear braces that are barely visible inside the mouth
  • Six-Month Smiles are significantly less expensive than conventional metal braces, aligners, or even dental veneers

How does it work?

During the initial visit for the Six-Month Smile system, the dentist makes an actual mold of the patient’s teeth to become the basis for the clear braces that are to be used for the treatment. These molds will be filled in with tooth colored brackets consequently.

In the next appointment, the braces, together with the plastic mold will be fitted onto the patient’s teeth using a dental adhesive, and a dental curing light will be used to harden the bond. Once this is done, the plastic mold will be peeled off and the plastic braces will remain on the surface of the teeth. A tooth colored wire will be inserted through the brackets and clear elastic bands around each bracket as well. These fixtures will be tightened each month to facilitate the controlled movement of the teeth.

Is it painful to wear the Six-Month Smile system?

The Six-Month Smiles system is virtually painless because of a low force mechanism that moves the teeth very gently during the treatment. As the teeth begin to move into place, some patients may feel a minor level of discomfort, but this is manageable by using even low dose pain medications.

Are there food restrictions with Six-Month Smiles?

Generally, you will want to stay away from food that could potentially break the brackets and become cause for a refitting or an additional dental appointment. These food articles include nuts, raw vegetables, whole fruit, hard candies, crusty bread, crunchy food, or anything that requires vigorous chewing.