Your teeth and relationships…

teeth and relationships

Your smile, and the way you take care of it daily, can make a huge difference in your personal and professional relationships You actually already know this; if you are old enough to read this, you have been on the planet long enough to have had a conversation with someone who needs a little Listerine in their life. You remember the feeling of trying not to breath in through your nose, while also trying to maintain a poised face during the encounter. Believe it or not, you may even be on the list of people that have put someone through one of those awkward moments and if so… we are here to help you. It matters more than you think to have good oral hygiene…here’s why:

1. Professional relationships need courting too!

No matter if you are in sales, service, or just an office job- your daily encounters with others matter. Your confidence during those encounters is based on how your feel about yourself and/or the reactions you get from others while they are interacting with you.  Take a deep breath, stand with your shoulders back, and smile with confidence from good dental work because that confidence is going to land you that sale, that good customer review, and/or that good work relationship.

2. You only get one…

A large percentage of adults believe that a person’s smile is one of the most significant things they remember from a first impression. Many people are more attracted to others who smile often and with confidence and that people who smile are more successful. Confidence and success are subjective, but good teeth are good teeth, and bad breath is bad breath. Choose what impression you are going to make and schedule that cleaning.

3. Up close and personal…

It’s not just that you brush — it’s also how well you brush. No matter who you share a bed with, they most definitely appreciate you maintaining that good clean hygiene you started the relationship with. They probably have grown to love you more and more so give back by brushing better and better. While we are on the subject- check out our latest blog to get some love questions answered (after you brush your teeth tonight).

If this article made you cringe a little- wondering if you are putting someone through bad breath or have let the tea and coffee get to your pearly whites, go ahead and schedule your dental appointment. We will gladly help you out! Call 281-395-2112