What You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth Procedures

wisdom teeth

Aside from appearing later in life (between 18 to 25 years old), wisdom teeth are just like any other typical tooth. Here at Welch Dental in Katy, Texas, we get a lot of visits from individuals with wisdom teeth woes. One of their common concerns is whether or not they should have it/them removed.


When exactly should you give the go-signal for wisdom tooth extraction? By and large, the following circumstances will call for removal:

  • an impacted wisdom tooth
  • a partially erupted wisdom tooth which makes it easier for food particles to get stuck in between resulting to infection
  • poorly aligned wisdom teeth which could destroy adjacent teeth
  • the presence of cyst (fluid-filled sac) around the wisdom teeth area which could destroy surrounding tooth structures
  • there is not enough space in your mouth and/or jawbone for your wisdom tooth to fully erupt A Closer Look at Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The term “impacted” is utilized ever so often but not many people are familiar with it. An impacted wisdom tooth is one that did not erupt properly. However, it should be noted that not all partially erupted wisdom teeth can be referred to as “impacted” because the tooth may grow properly in later years. The best way to determine whether your wisdom tooth is impacted or not is through a dental X-ray.

When to Decide Not to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

If you decide not to have your wisdom teeth removed, we encourage you to constantly monitor its condition as it can potentially cause problems later on. Thus, regular visits to our Katy family dental practice are very important.

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