Taking Care of Dental Bridges

An incomplete smile can look quite unappealing. Fortunately, dental bridges offer a solution to this problem. Dental bridges do not just replace lost teeth, but can also bridge weaker teeth together, preventing any misplacement or damage of remaining teeth. Obviously, fixed (attached) dental bridges allow you to chew your food better than when you had missing teeth while not having to worry about teeth “falling” out or loosening, as one would with a removable appliance.

Now that the space has been filled, it is important you give your dental bridge the care it needs. Now is the time to stop neglecting oral care – not only to avoid another tooth loss, but also to keep your dental bridge intact and in place for a better long term prognosis.


Here are some tips on how to take good care of your dental bridge:

Avoid eating foods that are hard to chew, like candies or ice. This can damage the dental bridge’s function or appearance (the porcelain may chip) or just as bad, this could injure the teeth beside it.
Brushing and flossing your teeth is recommended at least twice each day. Be more cautious when it comes to cleaning where the dental bridge is located and especially careful with the surrounding teeth of the bridge as well since they support the bridge.
Always check your teeth for any build-up of plaque, redness of the tissue and any inflammation between the teeth and gums as this could lead to tooth decay or gum diseases. Flossing and brushing regularly show help minimize these issues.
If you experience grinding of the teeth, especially during sleep, consult your dentist. You may be advised to wear a nightguard to prevent any damage to your teeth and the dental bridge.
After getting dental bridges, you may experience pain or mild discomfort for a few days. Any pain after that should be reported immediately to the dentist. As they say, it is much better to be safe than sorry.

If you are interested in getting dental bridges or want to get more advice on how to take care of them, request an appointment with our team of dental experts here at Welch Dental Group by calling 281-395-2112. We look forward to hearing from you!