Shae Richard- Dr Hearrean’s Dental Assistant

Welch Dental Assistant

Hello Shae Richard… tell us what you do here at Welch?

I am a dental assistant for Welch Dental Group and I work primarily with Dr. Hearrean. In March, I will have been here for 13 years.

That is awesome! What has kept you there for 12 years?

Dr. Hearrean mellows me out honestly. I am a pretty head strong person and he is laid back so he is good for me. We always have a great time and I really do genuinely enjoy working here.

Are there any fun stories that come to mind when you think of working with Dr. Hearrean?

One time he was picking on me, as always, so I had to make a plan to get him back… so I put water on his chair when he wasn’t looking. He sat down and it got his pants wet. When he sat down he said, “[censored].” Me and the patient laughed so hard..we were dying laughing actually. I thought to myself, “that’s what he gets!”

Good for you! So, tell us what is waiting for you when you get home?
I go home to a husband, a 9 year old girl, a 16 year old son, a 16 year old daughter and an 18 year old daughter. We are also always trying to stay in contact with our other 20 year daughter in college. We are basically the Brady Bunch with a dog named Righteous.

Righteous?? How did you come up with that name?
When we got him, he was always in trouble and we thought if we called him that, he would start doing right.

Haha! Right on (pun intended). What is your least favorite song?

Not to sound like the Grinch, but Christmas music. All of it. They start playing it on Thanksgiving and it never stops so I turn my radio off all day. I can’t stand it.

Ok send me a Snap of yourself… you can pick any filter.

Oh I will send you many. I have multiple personalities!

5 minutes later…she sent 4 and they were all awesome but I can only fit one, so I chose Hello Kitty Shae.