Moving forward after COVID-19

after covid-19

What will the rest of 2020 look like for the all of us Katy Texans after the storm from COVID-19 sucks itself back in the clouds? Our crystal ball isn’t working right now, but we do have some ideas on how we can take charge of our health to move forward to a healthy and happy 2020.


Getting healthy

How often have you said, “I know I should get in shape, but…” or “I know I should make better food choices, but….”? A negative thought usually leads to a negative outcome, so we are suggesting a total change in thought process first. We all have the opportunity, in this moment to make a different choice when we get to the fridge. Without the option to eat out, and less choices of driving through somewhere, we are being forced to put the knife to a cutting board more often. We suggest keeping these new habits when the option to go back to the restaurants comes back.

We are also being forced to do our yoga classes, our fitness classes, and our cardio routines at home with all the gyms closed. Those living room routines- keep them up when they open back up! Starting or ending your day- whether at home or out in the world- with a little physical activity makes all the difference in the world.

Getting positive/happy

With less time to worry about making the red light, running errands, or getting your kids to and from sports practices- we have more time to consider some pretty enlightening stuff. Take the chill pill from life that we have been given and try considering: “What brings me joy? What am I grateful for? What do I want the rest of the year to look and feel like? Are my long term goals important enough to influence my short term decisions?.”

Start considering your values first. If the answer is family, friends, health, spiritual growth, or contribution to others, then it becomes obvious what matters most. Those things are worth the investment of your time, effort, and energy. Give it while you have it and keep that mindset when we get back to the hustle and bustle of life.

We will all recover from this. It may be a long hard road, but we will all be okay. We wanted to write a little encouragement for the people we care about to look at this as an opportunity to become healthier and happier.