Bad Breath be Gone

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Gum disease/bad breath is a common condition among people all over the US. In fact, it is estimated that just over 47 percent of the population, an alarming 64 million Americans, suffer from periodontitis! The simple inflammation of the gum tissue does not remain simple when it complicates and turns into a more serious condition. Gum diseases could go as far as penetrating into underlying tissues and bones resulting in damage to these areas – including the loss of teeth. Here at Welch Dental Group, patients with this condition can find relief through periodontal therapy.

The Only Question Is: Why Do You Have to Undergo Such Therapy?

When left untreated, a gum disease could lead to tooth loss and other more serious complications. It is important to stop a gum disease before it gets worse because often the time and expense to repair or replace the damage inflicted is far greater than any preventative measure.

Goals of Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy provides a number of benefits to patients with gum diseases, such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Periodontal therapy can:

Control and minimize gum inflammation that may destroy the underlying tissues that anchor the teeth to the person’s jawbones
Treat the bacterial infection that causes periodontal disease
Create and maintain a healthy periodontal environment

Periodontal therapy helps prevent gum diseases from progressing into more serious conditions such as periodontitis – an advanced stage of the disease that typically requires more aggressive treatment. Remember, the cost of prevention is often far less than the time and expense once the “damage is done”.

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